Wanderlustproject Films in Bordeaux, France

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After nine months of absence from our site, we are finally back!  We’ve got lots of stories to tell, but let me start off by saying that we’ve been out and about “wandering” and working on a new feature crime drama (under Tandem Entertainment in association with Wanderlustproject Films) that is inspired by true events that happened in Manila, Philippines not too long ago.  And one of the locations we were lucky enough to have visited and shot (at least partially) this film in is in the charming city of Bordeaux, France.

We began the first leg of our production in this beautiful city, and we couldn’t have asked for a better start: the weather was perfect, our French co-production partner, Dublin Films, were able to accommodate our schedule, and Dublin Films was just the perfect collaborator, giving us what we needed for our shoot — all the cast, crew, and equipment – you name it, they delivered everything wonderfully.  From our weeks of virtual pre-production via emails and Skype to our actual meeting to do pre-prod and location scouting in Bordeaux to make our three-day shoot run smoothly and successfully, David Hurst and his wonderful team just made it happen.  We have, of course, to thank Franck Priot of Film France for connecting us and making everything easy for us to find the perfect match to collaborate with in this particular film we are working on.

But it’s not over yet.  We still have so much to do to finish this film, and we cannot wait to tell you more about the film, what it is all about, and who are the people behind it.  Stay tuned!