Need help producing your next project?  We’re here to help.

Wanderlustproject Films has been on successful creative collaborations both locally and internationally since 2001. We are lucky to have been given awards and critical acclaim doing what we love to do – storytelling and filmmaking.

We can help you produce compelling and heartfelt short and feature length films both in the documentary and narrative form, as well as produce high-quality and unforgettable video content, commercials, music videos, and audio-visual presentations.

If you are in the beginning, middle or even end part of your film project and is stuck in a creative rut, talk to us! Our award-winning resident filmmakers are open for consultation.

Thinking of making a movie overseas? You can count on us. We have extensive experience in international co-productions, and we’d be more than happy to guide and assist you in producing your story abroad.

Tell us about your project and how we may assist you. Email us at

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