BOUNDARY on Vimeo on Demand

Manila Landscape 2

After two years since its journey around the international film festival circuit and its limited theatrical releases in Metro Manila and the United States, BOUNDARY – a crime-thriller we produced under Benito Bautista’s direction – is now available to rent or buy online via Vimeo on Demand.

We’re finally embracing the not-so-new but very modern technology of video-on-demand, or VOD, as one form of self-distribution for some of the films we’ve produced.  In the past, we were reluctant to succumb to this crazy idea of watching a movie from the small monitors of our computers.  We were stuck to this whole romantic experience of being inside a huge darkened room, watching a film with a bunch of popcorn-eating strangers, and reveling from these strangers’ laughs, cries, and gasps as we all watch the same film.

BOUNDARY is the first film that we’re going to launch into the world of VOD.  One major reason why we decided to do so is because we wanted to reach as many viewers as possible.  And by VOD, we can easily reach audience from around the world simultaneously.  It’s also good to know that your film gets to be seen anytime, anywhere and not just being shelved somewhere dark and dusty.  It’s great that independent filmmakers like us have other options other than going the traditional route of distribution, which is searching for a distribution company that can take good care of your film’s social life (quite a challenge to do).  We also have this option to self-distribute and have the power to control the fate and the direction of our films.

Don’t get us wrong though: we are still in love with the smell of butter on popcorn mixed with the musty smell of an old theater.  That’s why you can still expect future screenings of our films in a theater near you.

boundary final poster