This film is a cross-cultural romantic comedy that is not only a love story but is also a story about how two cultures can come together as one – setting aside all racial stereotypes and social class barriers in the name of love and friendship. This is a story of romance between two people separated by culture and tradition and bound by love, fate, and dance.

ML Film Stills - SangeetML Film Still - Flea MarketML Film Still - CSTML Film Still - Romni in pool

Director/Writer/Producer: Benito Bautista
Producer/Writer/Casting Director: Emma Francisco
Executive Producer: Neil Jeswani
Director of Photography: Mccoy Tarnate
Production Designer: Sam Esquillon
Musical Composer: Teresa Barrozo
Sound Designer: Michael Idioma
Editor: Chuck Gutierrez
Cast: Solenn Heussaff, Kiko Matos, Jayson Gainza, Martin Escudero, Raymond Bagatsing, Jun Sabayton, and Romy Daryani

A Capestone Pictures film in association with Wanderlustproject Films


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